Our Services

Computer repair

We will come to your site where you are experiencing any technical difficulties you may be having. With our experience and parts on hand we can get you back up and running ASAP!

Data loss

Did your computer or laptop die, and you need critical information? Pictures, documents, or anything else you may need we can recover those items for you.

Home office setup

Working from home but need the essential tools to do so? We can set up your home office as well. Any Network based printers and scanners. Do you need to scan to email or to a folder? We got you covered with all the networking support you need!

Network support

Is your internet running slow or do you need to add any network-based items to your home? We will quickly get you connected and up and running. As well as VPN assistance for safe internet browsing or work related.

Computer builds

Do you need to build a gaming computer on a budget or a powerful workstation for 3D rendering or video editing. We can do any of these. From the high-end water-cooled systems to budget builds that work great without breaking the bank. We have you covered!


Need advice from an experienced tech? We are happy to assist you with any information or guidance you may have. At no cost.

Cellular Phone support

With all the latest cellular phones now basically being a computer in your pocket, we can assist you in any way. Email set up, printing documents from your phone as well as any other need you have.